"I Felt Like I Had Just Had A 2-Hour Nap!" - Blake Johnson
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'7 Minute Recharge'
To Rapidly Energise Your Life
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The Most Abundant Source of Your Energy is...Your Psychology.
What this program will do for you...
Aside from the normal rejuvenation benefits that relaxation provides, this rapid & powerful hypnosis program combines hypnotic suggestion & trance to have you feeling more awake, alert and refreshed!
The 5 Most Common Uses Of This Program:
  • Feeling Drowsy When Driving? - Stop for 7 minutes, listen to the '7 min Recharge' and you'll be more alert to get where you were going, more safely.
  • Didn't get much sleep last night? - Instead of reaching for the caffeine & sugar-filled drinks, put on the '7 min Recharge' and you'll be ready to make the most of the day.
  • Feeling Tired after Lunch? - After eating a big meal many people feel sluggish. Put in your earphones and listen to the '7 min Recharge' to get your productivity back on track
  • Need to Burn the 'Midnight Oil'? - When you have an important project that requires longer hours of focus, anytime you feel your focus decline, use the '7 min Recharge' and complete the project in record time!
  • Are you run off your feet with kids? - It's hard to find time to have a nap when you have kids around. A more realistic solution, is to find 7 minutes to take care of your own energy levels, so you can keep going and enjoy those moments.
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What Others Are Saying...
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" Heaps better than a sugar hit!

I usually find the 7 minute track is awesome to pull up on those off days when I've run out of steam mid afternoon. A few minutes relaxing and chilling to the audio track and I get straight back into things, wide awake and refocused. Heaps better than a sugar hit!

Marion Liddane - Co-Founder of Sylverkey.com.au

" This saves me hours of lost productivity...

As soon as I recognise brain fog, distractability, lethargy, or a lack of motivation, I invest 7mins to recharge. I know this saves me hours of lost productivity and reduced connection with people around me

Eli Williams - Founder of Enigma Mindset Solutions

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